Advanced Nutrients Overdrive 250ml


Hydroviljelylannoite / vesiviljelylannoite Advanced Nutrients Overdrive 250ml

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Hydroviljelylannoite / vesiviljelylannoite Overdrive contains vitamins, crop boosters and nutrients that give you:

  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Increased photosynthesis and energy
  • Increased cell expansion and replication for larger flowers
  • Increased creation of internal floral structures and compounds for increased aroma, taste, potency and market value
  • Potential 9-23% gains in harvest weight and size during last trimester of growth

Growers worldwide find Overdrive especially useful in the following situations:

  • When plants had problems earlier in bloom phase and need to make up for it by putting on a lot of flower growth fast
  • With varieties that traditionally do not produce large floral clusters, to bulk them up and make them fatter
  • When a grower demands an extra large harvest from their crop due to sudden financial loss or other necessity.

You procure Overdrive and use it in any hydroponics or soil system to get a prizewinning finish to your bloom season that makes every minute, every watt, and every bit of your effort pay off more for you.

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