Advanced Nutrients Nirvana 250ml


Hydroviljelylannoite / vesiviljelylannoite Advanced Nutrients Nirvana 250ml

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Hydroviljelylannoite / vesiviljelylannoite Nirvana is a 100% organic, growth-promoting supplement designed to enhance the vigour, immunity, and metabolism of any crop all season long.

You see better growth and yield using Nirvana. Its unique combination of L-amino acids, vitamins, and extracts of kelp and alfalfa combine with humic and fulvic acid to ensure rapid growth and larger yields with organic flavor and aroma.

Nirvana also contains high-quality surfactants to help spread nutrients out over the largest surface area, providing broad, even coverage- so Nirvana is prefect for root and foliar applications in all types of gardens.

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