Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Combo A/B 0.5 litraa

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Vesiviljelylannoite / hydroviljelylannoite Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Combo A/B 0.5 litraa

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Vesiviljelylannoite / hydroviljelylannoite. Connoisseur is a two-part comprehensive ultra-premium liquid bloom phase fertilizer that creates larger, heavier fruits and flowers than any other bloom fertilizer ever created. Start using it a week after plants are triggered into flowering and be prepared for larger flowers and fruits than you have ever seen. This safe, easy to use bloom fertilizer has been tested in hundreds of hydroponics gardens and has amazed scientists and test growers by creating larger, heavier, denser blooms than was thought possible in hydroponics gardens. It is anticipated that Connoisseur will set the highest standard for bloom phase production for at least the next ten years. This fertilizer’s combination of proprietary ingredients and formulation technology represent a quantum leap in hydroponics harvest size and quality.

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