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Dear international visitors,

If you are looking for economical aquarium equipment, you have just found the cheapest aquarium supplies merchandiser of Finland. Akvaterra.eu is an Outlet-store, and dealing directly with the importer, so the prices are extremely economical. If you are interested in wholesale purchases, the importer will provide you the actual wholesale prices.




HUOM! Tämä sivusto ei ole enää toiminnassa, Akvaterra.eu on siirtynyt verkkokaupparakenteeseen:


Akvaterra.eu - Verkkokauppa 4.0 (2018)


Uudistettu verkkokauppa korvaa vanhan sivuston, ja tilauksia voi tehdä jatkossa vain verkkokauppajärjestelmän kautta.

Vega Systems Ltd has had clients from the neighbour countries (as well as from other EU and foreign countries) before and we are happy to supply aquarium equipment to you as well. However, due to the different electricity standards, be aware that in Finland we have the “Central European” standard; 230V, 50Hz and "two-pin" plugs (types C and F). Please refer to the picture. All electrical devices are CE-approved. As aquarium equipment (everything associated with water including external canister filters) has a waterproof insulation, the cables cannot be changed (although it is possible to cut off the plug and replace it). The devices can be used with an adapter and the non-waterproof devices (light systems, air pumps and chillers) can accept a replacement cable.

The sales policy requires a full prepayment including the actual shipping cost. The prices include the Finnish 23% VAT (value added tax). All the foreign packets are insured and have tracking codes. It is also possible to come and pick up the goods from Helsinki.

The site is not available in English, but if you have some experience on aquarium supplies, the fact sheets are easily interpreted. If you have any questions, please contact us:



Vega Systems Ltd
PL 44
FI-00521 Helsinki

ID-code: FI20440900
VAT registered.

The company (Vega Systems Ltd) information can be easily confirmed from the Finnish trade register (www.prh.fi) BIS-database.